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Septic Tanks do a multitude of tasks, from disposing of your waste water, to elimination and break down of solid waste. This waste comes from not just your bathroom, but your laundry, kitchen and any other drains in your home. When this waste gets to your septic tank, it is separated between liquid and solid; this solid waste, called sludge, either settles at the bottom of the tank, or floats to the top and forms a layer of scum.

septic tank cleaning
septic tank cleaning

If you don’t regularly clean your septic system you may experience a serious buildup of sludge. You’ll notice smells in your home, as well as overflow and leaking of sewage.

In addition to the inconvenience you may face if you don’t maintain and clean your tank, you may also get a notice from your local Health Department. To ensure this never happens, be sure to keep a copy of a receipt from your cleaning. We will provide you with all the documentation you will need.

Remember, a septic tank needs to be cleaned regularly. If you have not had your tank cleaned in a while, consider getting it done by the professionals at Munn Septic. We will be happy to pump out your tank and remove any traces of sludge, debris, and scum. We serve all over northeast Ohio, and have been doing it for decades!

Long hoses are available for jobs that require them. Call or email us today to discuss the size and scope of your project; we're sure to have the right equipment for any job you require.

Avoid the mess of septic tank cleaning or pumping demands
when you choose our Newbury, Ohio contractors to do it for you.

Choose Munn Septic for all your septic needs!

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